Designing a memorable experience


Our designers, Elizabeth, Chad and Randy meet weekly to share funny stories and of course to discuss the progress of your home projects.

At LJE, we pride ourselves on providing something that is hard to put a price on ~ a Peace of Mind guarantee.

Whether you’re accessorizing or home renovating, we provide a custom and personal interior design service that works. And it’s complimentary.

We’ll guide you through the entire interior design process, from floor plans to furniture installation, or help you find just one piece that suits your style perfectly.


Selecting and purchasing the right furniture and home decor for your home is a process, and we’re here to make it simple and enjoyable. We want you to have an amazing experience as you improve your home life through interior design.

We have a compelling reason why you should come to us – and that reason will ALWAYS be the memorable experience that sets us apart from other online retailers.

We understand that the “real” product is the experience itself. See some of our great reviews here or go to to read about more happy clients.


 Let us help explain
how we work and the hidden benefits~


From the beginning to end of your project we make the process enjoyable for you because we eliminate the anxiety that comes with making big choices for your home.

We provide a convenient, flexible, custom design partnership where you have control of the direction, pace, and finances for your home projects.

To insure your satisfaction we provide only the highest quality hand selected brands.



Left: Chad maintains that if you have fun with your accessories, your family and friends will get pleasure from them, too. Right: Look for balance, Randy takes away the stress with a great attitude. “Fear not. Once you understand the principles, accessorizing can be a snap.”

Our custom design assistance will help you to find the perfect pieces that match your home and personal style. A designer will validate your ideas, and help you follow your instincts to make more thoughtful decisions.

Once you are happy with your choices, they will take care of the details of placing your order and will make sure the product is designed and manufactured as promised, and delivered with our white glove service.


This is where our Peace of Mind insurance will make you smile.

We have dedicated designers that will make sure every detail is as planned to bring your vision to life. 

Custom design is a combination of quality work with personal touches and total management of your project that makes the difference in the result.



Left: If you’re a collector, don’t hide your passion in a closet. Leslie groups items together on shelves or tabletops, or displays them on a wall. Right: Elizabeth and Chad discuss the many options available in our selection of sectionals.

It is comforting to know you have a home design plan. YOU can decide how you want to finance it, buy just one piece or buy the whole plan, you are in charge, and there is no added charge. The details of your plan remain with your designer until you are ready to begin.

We can help in many ways you may not be aware of. Let’s say you just want professional style direction, layout options or just to accessorize one room. All are examples of what can be accomplished in one day. Let’s review all the ways we can help you ~

• Help you in figuring out your design style.

• Help you to fit furnishings into your space/scale.

• Building a personal design plan that fits your budget.

• Discussing color palettes and/or accessories.

• We will stay in touch with email and phone support.

• We are your personal project managers, that also schedule and track your furniture deliveries.

• We also offer In-home meetings.

• We will source furniture if it is currently not shown in showroom.

• All design services are on the house.

It all begins with a simple conversation. Now that you’ve met our designers at LJE, don’t hesitate to stop in today to just say hello.

Find us at our Brookfield Showroom,
or call us at: 203-885-0363.



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