5 winning savory breakfast toasts

topenerAs the end of summer approaches, we inevitably fall into a breakfast rut.

Right about now our nice warm oatmeal will probably give us a hot flash,  and our blended smoothies are waking up the hubby. Have you forgotten about the highly versatile, “gotta run” portable breakfast toast? 

These are not run-of-the-mill butter with jam or the sugary combos we save for late night snacks, but heart healthy savory toasts that balance a crisp crunch with a creamy topping.

Here are 5 savory toasts make you LOVE mornings.

  1. Helps to start with really good bread. A nice crusty whole grain, sourdough, or my favorite a fig nut bread found at Whole Foods, for a sweeter pick choose a brioche.

2. Something spreadable for a bottom layer to which will be warmed by the toast. Peanut butter, or avocado, hummus all work well.

3. Protein is a good energy booster in the am, so you can add an egg… fried poached, or otherwise.

Here are the winning combinations. No recipe is really needed here, just some fun inspiration to get you started, with a little “toast” trivia thrown in.

ttomatoe copyHeirloom tomato + Avocado + Balsamic Vinegar + Black Pepper + Flaky Sea Salt. 

Most popular in our family and can be done in 3 minutes, especially if you have an OXO slicer.

You may take a  look at this video – this peels avocados so well, it’s cleaner and easier and cuts your time in half. Yikes, I don’t wanna sound like an infomercial but this really is a cool kitchen tool.

Ever wonder WHY toast is tastier than plain bread?  Scientific fact— the sugars and starches in the bread caramelize while toasting which intensifies the flavor.”

tcucumber toastCucumber + Hummus + Banana + Avocado + Olive oil + Flaky Sea Salt.

Crunchy cukes, creamy hummus, and glorious avocado join forces in pretty much the easiest lunch or vegetarian snack ever.

Early toasters could only toast one side of the bread at once, so the bread had to be flipped. The “modern” timed pop-up toaster was created in 1919. The morning “POP” became a familiar sound in early american kitchens.

tpeachRicotta + Honey + Peaches + Prosciutto + Toasted Pumpkin Seeds + Arugula.

DONE and EAT and YUM.

Statistics say Americans would rather eat toast in the morning than have sex. Husbands, wives and lovers apparently take a backseat to toast in the wee hours.

tstrawberry copyWhipped Goat Cheese + Strawberries + Basil + Toasted Pistachios.

I love the sweet and savory combo. If you can find some fancy balsamic vinegar that tops it off, fig is a favorite.

The Brits see a piece of toast with butter, jam or another spread (and usually a cup of tea) as a legitimate, 24 hour a day, seven day a week snack or, in a pinch, even a meal.

tbananaPeanut butter + Chocolate + Banana + Honey + Flaky Sea Salt.

Find a favorite peanut butter, although you will love fresh ground. Add a heavy sprinkle of finely chopped (or even melted) semi-sweet or dark chocolate. Sweet and Salty mix always YUM.

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